An Introduction to Traditional Thai Massage

"Originating over 2,500 years ago, Traditional Thai Massage is one of the most ancient healing modalities. It has its roots in the ancient medicine of Indian Ayurvedic practice and for centuries it was only performed by Buddhist monks in their temples, as one of four elements of indigenous Thai medicine.

Thai massage is not based on Western system of Anatomy. Dissection was forbidden until the instruction of Western medicine so that reference to body structure was based on external observation.

It is based on the idea that there are energy lines ("Sen") running through the body. These energy lines are not visible, they can only be felt or experienced. When a "Sen" line becomes blocked the energy flow becomes inactive and the body loses its balance that causes discomfort and illness in a person.

Through Thai massage the energy flow will be activated again to bring the body back in balance.

Thai Massage Treatments